Hopfen am See

The first written record of Hopfen am See, then known as de Hophen, dates back to 1172. For centuries, the town was made up of just a few houses; it was only around 100 years ago that it slowly began to expand. It was incorporated into Füssen in 1978.

Today, Hopfen am See is not only known as a Kneipp and health resort but also, and quite rightly, colloquially referred to as the ‘Allgäu Riviera’. This is not least because you can take a Mediterranean-esque stroll along the river promenade with its hotels, restaurants and shops, while enjoying the magnificent views of the lake, the mountains and the royal castles.

Those interested in the history of Hopfen am See should visit the remains of the walls of Hopfen Castle – the oldest stone castle in the Allgäu. The views of the lake and the mountains from the castle ruins are also so spectacular that even those who find history dull will find this a great place to visit.

The Hopfensee

The Hopfensee, a dead-ice lake, was created in the Ice Age when the tongue of the Lech Glacier became hollowed out. It has a surface area of around 2 km².At some points the lake reaches depths of around 10 m. With a temperature of 20-25 degrees, it is one of the warmest foothill lakes in Bavarian.The water is slightly peaty and lovely to take a swim in; the banks are gently sloping and create a shelf.

The Hopfensee is located in a natural conservation area – several water birds, some of which are rare, nest in the reeds. Take a boat trip (motor boats are not permitted!) to spot great crested grebes, coots, several species of wild ducks, schools of fish, swans and many other animals.

Please do not pass the line of buoys at the south-east end of the lake. This has been set up to protect the birds. The precious water lily belt, shelter and home to numerous species of fish and birds, reaches an impressive 50 m at some points and is protected under conservation laws.