60 years of Camping Hopfensee

The fifties
The ‘Camping Hopfensee’ campsite was founded in 1954 by Eduard Mayr’s mother Franziska Mayr.
Over the next few years, a small kiosk and a wash trough were added to the original facilities. The season lasted for just a few weeks in the summer, or in some cases, for only a matter of days if there were high levels of rainfall as most guests came with tents that were unable to cope with the risk of flooding from the Hopfensee. The kiosk was expanded on several occasions and the first little restaurant was built.

The sixties
The first indoor washing facilities offered a new level of comfort and convenience. The registration area, which also acted as the post distribution and telephone exchange area, was located between four wooden panels and became the linchpin of the campsite.

The seventies
The summer campsite was transformed into a year-round site: winter camping was made possible as a result of electricity and gas supplies, heated washrooms and a cosy, extended restaurant. Guests could use two T-bar lifts right by the campsite. Skiing lessons were offered and ice skating and curling on the Hopfensee, which froze over every year, became extremely popular.

The eighties
At the start of the eighties the campsite established its own health treatment department – a real novelty in the camping world at the time. People could head for health treatments with their caravan! A brick building converted the registration area into a proper reception. The construction of the indoor pool offered an extra attraction for guests and proved to be a milestone in the site’s development.

The nineties
The entranceway was redesigned and a small supermarket was built in the entrance area. The restaurant was further expanded, this time to include a winter garden and a bar.
On 01/12/1994, a major fire destroyed the bathhouse, causing 5 million marks worth of damage! The reconstruction work took a full year with the re-opening celebrated at Christmas 1995.

In 1996, the health treatment department was expanded to include the first spa area!

The new millennium
A long-cherished idea came to fruition with the creation of our games centre! Together with a football pitch and a tennis court, this rounded off the sporting facilities by providing somewhere to go on rainy days. An internet café was also created.
The reception was expanded so that the building housed not only rental cabins and a small washroom but also further offices and an impressive reception room. The Arabian Nights spa is being continuously expanded due to growing popularity, as is the range of services offered.
The 100 m² tiny tots pavilion was built in 2011. The idea was to create a place for parents with babies and young children under five to go to play or simply get together with other families. A kitchenette enables parents to prepare meals for their little ones or make free cups of tea or coffee for themselves. The seating corner can be used to read silently or to others.
In 2012, a teenage dream came true in the form of the Babble Box: a place for young people to get together to listen to music or chat.
In 2013, the long-planned chalets became a reality. We built them using low-energy designs with larch wood on the outside, spruce wood on the inside, wood fibre insulation and the interiors plastered with clay. They are all furnished to a high standard.