May your line be tight

Anglers have been surprised by many spectacular catches, especially of pike, sander and carp!

Fishing boats can be hired from the centre of the site.

Fishing rules:

Fishing is permitted on the entire Hopfensee with the exception of the lake inlet and outlet and the area to the south of the line of buoys. Fishing is permitted from boats and with all forms of bait excluding live bait fish.

The fishing season starts from the banks as soon as the lake is free from ice. Boats can also be used for fishing from 01 May. The fishing season ends when the lake freezes.

Coarse fish may be caught providing the lake is free from ice. Pike and bass can be fished from 01 May and sander from 15 May.

Two pike/sander can be caught per day plus two carp/tench. There are no restrictions on other types of fish. Further information can be found on the permits.

The Hopfen am See Fishing Association

Dear anglers!

The Hopfen am See Fishing Association welcomes you! We hope you enjoy fishing here and have a lovely, relaxing time in the Royal Corner.

Our association was founded in 1971, discontinued in 1983 and re-awakened from its long slumber in spring 2002!

The association’s main aim is to protect water bodies and to maintain and increase fish stocks. We also focus on working with young people and getting involved with our guest anglers!

We organise fishing festivals, run fishing and water-based excursions for children and young people and offer guest memberships to our association.

The Hopfensee uniquely shapes our landscape and is without a doubt one of the things that makes Hopfen such a popular holiday destination.   

Permit issuance

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Campsite Shop
Telephone 08362/38272 (daytime!)

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