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Many people associate holidays in Bavaria with mountains and Alpine pastures alone. They could not be more wrong. The Hopfensee, one of the warmest foothill lakes in Bavaria, is located right next to the campsite. However, Lakes Alatsee, Weißensee and Alpsee also invite you to enjoy a relaxed day of bathing. The crystal-clear water of the latter of these lakes even made it a favourite with King Louis II.


The Hopfensee, a dead-ice lake, was created in the Ice Age when the tongue of the Lech Glacier became hollowed out. It has a surface area of around 2 km². At some points the lake reaches depths of around 10 m. With a temperature of 20-25 degrees, it is one of the warmest foothill lakes in Bavarian. The slightly peaty water and the gently sloping banks make the Hopfensee an ideal lake for swimming.
Distance: by the campsite


The Forggensee has an area of 15.2km² and is one of the biggest lakes in Bavaria and the largest reservoir in Germany.
From 01 June to 15 October, cruises on the Forggensee offer unique views of the Allgäu Alps around Neuschwanstein Castle.
Distance: approx. 4 km


An isolated moor pond near to Rieden am Forggensee. The Faulensee is surrounded by untouched nature and offers fun for the whole family with its small bathing meadow and island. Rainis Faulenseehütte offers food and drinks.
Distance: approx. 5 km


Located away from roads and traffic, the Schwansee is set against a magnificent backdrop in the midst of the former Hohenschwangau Castle Park. The wetlands, moors and grass areas that surround the lake provide the ideal habitat for rare plants such as gentians, eye primula and several species of wild orchid. The area has been a natural conservation area since 1956.
Distance: approx. 7.5 km + 0.7 km walk


At 2.4 km long and 600 m wide, the Weißensee is the perfect place for a circular lakeside walk. Since the construction of the Hugo-Ludwig bridge in 1952, this can now be done without any difficult climbs or descents. The delightful trail takes you through a crag known as the ‘Törle’. To the south, a hiking trail runs through the forest to the Alatsee and over the Salober Alp to the Zirmgrad. On the north bank, the outdoor pool and children’s play area invite you to stop and play a while.
Distance: approx. 10 km


This stunning mountain lake with crystal-clear water is located near the Austrian border on the Salober ridge and is an ideal hiking and swimming destination for any nature lover. One special feature is the layer of sulphur 8-15 m down, which turns the lake blood red if it rises to the surface as a result of rare water circulations. This explains why the Alatsee is commonly known as the ‘bleeding lake’.
Distance: approx. 10 km