Health treatment info

The holistic therapy developed by Father Kneipp is based on five pillars:

Water - Exercise - Nutrition - Medicinal Plants - Balance

Kneipp treatments can be used

  • to strengthen the immune system
  • for degenerative joint or spinal column diseases
  • for neuro-vegetative disorders
  • for somatic illnesses
  • for respiratory disorders
  • for venous conditions

If you would like to undergo one of our non-residential spa treatments, please note the following:

  • This will take up some of your holiday. Our services usually involve 2 appointments per day, during which you will receive 3 - 4 treatments.
  • We will do our best to meet your requests when booking appointments. 
  • The spa doctor chooses the types of health treatment.
  • We generally offer treatments from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (in summer, also from 7 a.m. on request).

How can you obtain a non-residential spa treatment?

Submit an application to your health insurance fund for a ‘non-residential benefit at a health resort under Section 23 of the German Social Security Code V (SGB V)’ and ask your GP to complete form ‘60’.

  • The health insurance fund will grant a daily allowance every 3 years.
  • Please book health treatments at least four weeks in advance for June/July/August/September and at least one week in advance for all other times.
  • Please present the treatment documents on arrival – do not send them to us in advance!
  • We will gladly arrange an appointment with the spa doctor for you and tell you when this is on your arrival.
  • The personal contribution is €10.00 + 10% of the cost of the treatment received.

Our Physical Therapy Practice, established in 1982, is accepted by all health insurance funds!

Advance booking required!