Spa Packages

Spa packages at Camping Hopfensee...

...tied up especially for you, ready to be unwrapped or offered as a gift!

Day of the phoenix

  • 5 days of refreshment, detoxification and energy replenishment: for pure regeneration!
  • 2x RedHot regeneration training sessions
  • 1x Abhyanga full body massage
  • 1x phoenix bath
  • 1x manual lymph drainage (40 minutes)
  • 1x bathrobe (on hire)

€ 235,00

The perfect complement: the ‘basic’ Kneipp hydrotherapy range

Treat those tired legs

A combined treatment, specially designed for cyclists and hikers.

Hay bath (25 minutes) followed by a pine oil leg massage (40 minutes) and relaxation period. Includes a hay sack to take away.

€ 72,00

Specially for men

Gemstone sauna (20 minutes) followed by a sports massage (40 minutes) and relaxation period.

€ 53,00

Alpine Glow

  • 1x edelweiss oil pack on the floating couch
  • 1x pine oil full body massage

Duration: min. 2 days

€ 90,00

The sound of the sea

  • 1x Thalasso-algae pack on the floating couch
  • 1x sea salt peel in the Moroccan steam bath
  • 1x full body massage with mother-of-pearl extract

Duration: min. 2 days

€ 90,00

Lila cloud

Spend several heavenly hours in our Arabian Nights spa – enjoying your experience with all of your senses while we gently tackle different problem areas!

  • 4 treatment days
  • 1 floating couch treatment (optionally: goat butter/evening primrose/Thalasso) or 1 birch cellulite bath
  • 1 rasul
  • 1 aromatherapy massage (50 minutes)
  • 1 manual lymph drainage (40 minutes)
  • 1 bathrobe (on hire)

€ 145,00

Spa and sauna day

Enjoy hours of relaxation in our spa and sauna area. Choose how to combine the Finnish sauna, gemstone sauna, mosaic steam room with rainbow light, Alhambra courtyard, Moroccan herbal steam room and hay bath to meet your needs. A bathrobe and bed are reserved for you in our panoramic relaxation room.

  • Moroccan herbal steam bath
    Relax as you enjoy the pleasant sensation of steam with the aroma of herbs and spices. The ideal way to prepare for soft pack baths and a wonderfully pleasant experience for anyone.
  • Hay bath
    A relaxing treatment for the entire back/pelvic region using herbal steam.
  • Gemstone sauna
    A pleasant temperature of 60 - 65°C, no infusion. Enjoy the invigorating atmosphere of the semiprecious stones bathed in rainbow light.
  • Alhambra courtyard with scented fountain
    A beautifully designed relaxation room in Arabic style with heated benches.
  • Mosaic steam room with rainbow light
    Helps to relieve tension; positively affects the nerves, muscles and joints at 40 - 45°C with 100% humidity.
  • Finnish sauna
    Classic sauna at 85 - 95°C, with infusion.
  • Bathrobe, on hire
  • As much Grander water as you like!


€ 35,00 - 5 hours

€ 25,00 - 3 hours