The frog treatment

Our health treatment department has conducted Kneipp treatments for children for over 20 years. There are few better ways to simply and successfully preventively strengthen little ones’ immune systems.

Even from year 1, our children carry school bags that are far too heavy for them, leading to curvature of the spine and poor posture at a very early age.

We want to strengthen our children’s backs!

Water is fun – and our frog treatment shows that it can also make you strong and healthy.

Massages and exercises can also help little ones.

Children, add extra spring to your step – enjoy a frog treatment!

For children (6 - 14 years).

5 treatment days

          5 Kneipp contrast hydrotherapy treatments

          1 back massage

          1 jacuzzi or optionally a medical bath with an individually selected essence

          1 children’s physiotherapy session

          1 spinal column treatment using the Dorn method (helping to relieve posture problems)

€ 85,00